Frequently asked questions

Where is the office of AIESEC?

The office is located in the ground floor of Residence building BCD.

Where can I get the student card / ISIC / ALIVE?

On the first floor of SIC building. Just follow the green footprints on the ground from the entrance to SIC building.The current price list can be found on the Card Center web page in section Student Cards.

Where can I prolong the ISIC card?

It is an easy procedure. You just need a small sticker to the back of your card statting that your ISIC is valid for the current year. You can get the stamp in the Cash Desk on the ground floor of SIC. Current price list can be found on the web of Card Center in section Revalidation stamps.

What is an electronic wallet and where can I get it?

University electronic wallet (or UEW) is an application on your student card. This application allows you to put money on your card and pay with it in food kiosks and Mensa in the CZU campus. It also entitles you to apply a digital student discount coupon in these kiosks (the discount coupon has to be loaded each month). The electronic wallet can be created for you in the Card Center on the 1st floor of SIC building. After you pay the deposit for UEW you can start using it. More information can be found on the web University Electronic Wallet.

How can I borrow books in the library?

First we register you as the library user. For that you need only your student card and it will not tak more than two minutes. Then we take the list of call numbers of books you want to borrow. You can find these call numbers in the online library catalogue. The call number is a code usually starting with "S"  (for textbooks) or "Z" (for books). The study literature can be borrowed for 2 months and the books for 1 month. Both you can prolong twice for the same amount of time in the library catalogue after signing in with your university credentials.

Can I print here at SIC?

Naturally! You can print from the Small and Large Study Room using the computers there. All the printed pages are printed at the entrance to the Large Study Room where you also pay. Additionaly in the Small Study Room you can scan your own materials up to A3 format. Moreover we offer a simple spiral binding for your printed materials in the Large Study Room. The pricelist can be found in section Printing, scanning and binding on our website.

Where do I pay for accomodation, internet or my card?

In the Cash Desk on the ground floor of SIC building. For the payment of accomodation you can use your credit card. But only for accomodation! The other items have to be paid in cash. And please don't forget to bring your student card or the agreement for student accomodation. More information can be found on the Residence & Mensa web.

Where can I buy Textbooks?

One of your options can be the Eshop. The order takes place online and you have an option for your order to be sent to your address or pick it up in SIC. The office number for order pick up is 110 on the ground floor. The other options are:

  • Powerprint - Brandýsovo náměstí opposite to the bus stop (mainly FAFNR)
  • Reprographic centre at FEM (publications of FEM + FES)
  • Copy centrum at FFWS (publications of FFWS)
  • Maybe other places? Ask at your faculty.

How do I create / change my wifi EDUROAM password?

All the settings can be done at the website Unfortunatelly the web is in Czech only but only need to login in the right side (with your university credentials) and then click on EDUROAM (Wi-Fi). The you write down your new password twice. Please note that as a login to the Wi-Fi you the format More information can be found on the Eduroam web.

How do I print the summary of my study results?

Open the UIS. Login there. Open My studies -> Student's portal -> ikona "View and print study overview". Here don't forget to check the checkbox with „Print statement "I sign to verify correctness and completeness of this overview."“ and select the semester in „Restrict to a period: ...

Where can I buy a ticket for the city bus, trams and subway?

You can buy a coupon for public transportation in the ČZU Shop on the ground floor of Menza building or in the public transportation offices in the city centre. Please be aware that when checked by the ticket inspector you have to show also your ISIC card or study confirmation from Study administration office of your faculty. Moreover your ISIC card has to be valid for the current year either with the validity on the front side or with revalidation stamp on the back side. The other option is to buy separate tickets in the ticket machines in the city.

How do I set up my schedule?

You set up your schedule at Right after logging in you will see a file with a detailed manual for the procedure. If it is not there proceed to your Student's portal and set it up in section Registrations, enrollment.

WHere can I get ESN cards?

You can find the information on Erasmus Student Network (ESN) on their web page ESN CZU Prague or on their facebook ESN CZU.

How does the parking at CZU Campus work?

If you are a student or an employee you can register you car license plate in the portal after signing in with your university credentials.

I've heard there is a CZU app?

Yes and you can download it at MojeČZU. Unfortunatelly the app is not in English. :(

Something went wrong and I don't have a picture in the system. Where can they put my picture there?

Try Mr. Jaroslav Roth in office number PEF/E215. Please don't forget to ask him nicely.

I have a technical difficulty.

In that case go to FAQ of the university IT Support.

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