Library from May 25th - some study rooms open[DEPRECATED]

Starting from Monday May 25th we extend opening hours and finally open some study rooms. We had to do some compromises regarding study places available. However, there is still plenty of space to study at a computer, work with literature etc. If you want to loan books you can still use the e-mail for ordering in advance. Please keep returning books in the return box in front of the library. Also, for your and our safety please use the desinfection at the entrance to desinfect your hands and keep your face mask on. Eshop, Card center and Cash Desk are open as usual.

Infographics showing available services in the CZU Library from May 11th 2020


  • It is possible to check the status of your loans after logging into the system on the web page
  • Returning of borrowed books and scripts is possible into the return box at the entrance to the library.
  • ! Returned books and scripts will be taken away from your library account after they return from quarantine (4-5 days). !


  • If you have any questions, write on the e-mail address (do not forget to provide your name and ID or login into the UIS).


  • For registred users of the CZU Library.
  • Can be ordered in advance.
    • Order on the e-mail address .
    • In the e-mail provide: name, ID or login into the UIS, title and signature of the book / script
  • Books will be prepared within two working days. Before picking up always wait for the e-mail with confirmation of the request fulfilment.
  • Delivery in the CZU Library at the loan desk.
  • Delivery possible always from Monday to Friday at 8 - 16 hours.
  • If you do not pick up the ordered books on the appointed day, they will be returned on the following day into the library stock.

Study rooms

  • Large study room, Small study room – part with PCs, PC class room and Red study room available from Monday to Friday at 8 - 16 hours
  • Reading room, Small study room – group part: CLOSED.
  • Please mind the rules for entering the library building
    • Keep your face mask on covering mouth and nose,
    • Desinfect you hands at the entrance to the library,
    • Keep distance 2 m.

Card Center

  • Issuing student / employee cards from Monday to Friday at 9 - 12 and 13 - 15 hours.

Online Shop

  • Pick up of orders available from Monday to Friday at 9 - 12 and 13 - 15 hours.


  • Entering into the building allowed only with a face mask covering mouth and nose.
  • Desinfect your hands at the entrance to the building.
  • Distance between people 2 m.
  • Always follow the instruction given by the CZU Library employees.


    • Online consultations regarding citations or searching in scientific databases arrange via e-mail address
    • Cash desk - from Monday to Friday at 8 - 12 and 13 - 15 hours.
    • Use scientific databases from your home, use the section “Information sources” and remote access. Here you can also log into the database of foreign scientific e-books Ebook Central or into the database of Czech scientific e-books Bookport.

    If you have any questions regarding loans and returning of books, write on the e-mail address


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