Trial access to Grammarly

Trial access is provided through May 19, 2021.

Grammarly is a learning tool that helps improve English texts using AI-powered algorithms. It can be handy for academic staff and students in the field of academic writing.

Grammarly helps you with:

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Word choice
  • Text clarity
  • Plagiarism check (It scans over 16 billion web pages and thousands of articles licensed by ProQuest.)
  • Citation data

Grammarly is accessible on any device. You can write on the web, download a mobile app (for Android or iOS), install a desktop app (on Windows or Mac), or use the Word or Outlook add-on.

How can I access Grammarly?

It is simple:

  1. Use this form to fill in your email address which you would like to use to log into Grammarly (this may be your university email, Gmail, or whatever).
  2. Wait until you receive the registration link for the email you entered (please be patient, we must create access manually, which may take a while).
Warning! Licenses are limited. In case of enormous interest in granting access, it is possible that if your account is inactive for an extended period, we will deactivate your access to free it up for others.

In case of any question, please contact

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