EMIS University

The CZU Library offers until the 12th of April trial access to the EMIS University database which is an important international source of information on markets, companies, countries, and sectors.

The database covers:

  • 10 million private & public company profiles and 2,5 million company profiles with financial data including hard-to-find company reports and financial statements 
  • 370+ industry sectors covering news, research statistics & forecasts for industries and companies in 168+ countries
  • 5 600+ publications proprietary & renowned third-party coverage from the world’s macroeconomic experts and research firms
  • 460 000+ research reports published every year from renowned global and local publishers of industry-related content around the world
  • 52 000+ news stories published every day in 16 languages, with a built-in translation function
  • Interactive research tools to interpret, analyze and compare the raw economic and financial data found within the database  

Part of the trial is also a webinar on the 15th of March at 4 pm. To join the webinar (via MS Teams), please click here.

 (Access works only from the CZU campus. The first time you sign in, you must register and create a password.)

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